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This site provides a multitude of information on the care and keeping of dairy goats, with an emphasis on a natural and humane approach. These pages contain information on all aspects of goat raising and goat care including: health & husbandry, feeding, medications, wormers & worming, natural, herbal & holistic health care, breeding, kidding, milking, behavior, how-to instructions, free downloads, and much more.
GoldieThis web site is intended to aid the reader in the care and keeping of dairy goats. In my methods, I emphasize natural & holistic health care and treat our animals with the love, dignity and the respect they deserve.

This site is dedicated to all those who want to learn how to raise your goats in a loving and humane manner. This is my gift of "metta" (loving kindness, compassion and friendship) to you

The information presented here reflects the way I do things . There are as many ways to raise goats as there are people who own goats. It is helpful to know how others do things, and with this knowledge you can then develop your own way of raising goats that works best for you and your own situation.

In loving memory of Goldie, matriarch of our herd, wonderful friend, and the most extraordinary animal I will ever have the honor to have known.
Tribute Essay: Goldie- Queen of Goats

Goat Care Information, Health & Husbandry and Assorted Other Tibits

Getting Your Goat

Goat Stories & Other Essays
by Molly

Goat Short Stories & Eassays:

Other Essays:

Normal Goat Health Information
  • Temperature = 102.5 - 104 - This varies depending on the temperature of the goat's surroundings. 
  • Pulse rate = 70 - 80 beats per minute
  • Respiration =15 to 30 per minute
  • Rumen (stomach) movements = 1 - 1.5 per minute
  • Puberty = 7 weeks - 8 months (separate bucks from does at 2 month)
  • Estrus/Heat Cycle = 17 to 23 days
  • Gestation = 143 to 155 days
  • Life span:
    • Does = 11-12 years average age, but... usually the death in does is kidding related.  Does that are "retired" from breeding around age 10 live longer: 16-18 years (and I just recently found a doe who was 24; she was retired from kidding at age 10).
    • Wethers = 11-16 years average age
    • Bucks = 8-10 average age - bucks usually live shorter lives than does and wethers due to the stresses of going into rut each year.
  • Full growth size: Most goats do not reach their full size until they are about three years of age. (They keep growing for about three years)


Information & Care




Kids (young goats)
(intact males)
(neutered males)


Also see individual sections listed below


Information, Care & Health issues


DOES (adult females)
(having babies)


Please note:
Does should NEVER be housed with bucks. If you "run" does and bucks together, you will never know when to expect kids, you won't be able to prepare for the kids, and you will risk loosing them.


Information, Care & Health issues


(baby goats)


Information, Care & Health issues


BUCKS (intact males)
(neutered males)



Please note:
Bucks DO NOT make good pets. You DO NOT want a buck for a pet. Please read this page to find out why.


Wethers make excellent pets.


Milk, Milking and Udder related

Diseases and Health Issues

Health Care, Vaccination & Worming Schedule- This is the schedule that I follow.

All See:



Medications (Modern/Traditional) - Main Page


Natural Health, Healing & Alternative Medicines

Natural Health, Healing & Alternative Medicines & Herbals - Main Page


This is my other web site providing information on natural practices and the use of herbs, herbal formulas & natural supplements used in the holistic care of your dogs, cats, goats, horses, other pets & animals.

These are my personal herbal formulas and treatments that I have developed to use as part of the holistic natural care I give my own animals. Sales from the Molly's Herbals site help support the Fias Co Farm web site.


Photo Galleries


fiasco the blue goat

Free Downloads

Build Your Own Milk Stand / Goat Stand
icnpdf The first thing you need when you start to keep goats is a good milk stand / goat stand.

Breeding / Kidding Record Spreadsheet & Calculator
sheet This is an Excel based Spreadsheet / Template that we have created for you to use to keep track of your herd breeding a





Sweater Pattern

Goat SweatersSweater Pattern-
You can knit your own goatbaby sweaters.  Included here are patterns for a knitting machine, hand knitting and crocheting.


Miscellaneous Information


Definitions of goat related terms

Videos A goat giving birth



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