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Build your own goat stand
~Milk Stand Plans~

(not just for milk goats!)

The first thing you need when you start to keep goats is a good milk stand / goat stand.

Even if you are not going to milk your goats, you are eventually going to have to restrain them so you can treat them or "work" them (i.e.: trim their feet, give them medications, give them a haircut, examine them, etc) All of this can be done much more easily when the goat is trained to jump up in the milkstand and stand, fairly patiently (while they get a snack). You will be amazed at how much easier things get with a milkstand as opposed to just trying to hold them or tie them to keep them in one place.

The photos below are of the first stand we built in 1995. It's well broken in, and has seen a lot of use, but continues to be the stand we use for all our does and kids. We have built another stand to use for our bucks, since they live in another area and hauling the stand back and forth gets kinda old real fast.

The goats stand in the center of the platform and I use a chair, milkcrate or even a bucket to sit on. I can move my chair all around the stand- to either side, the back or front, depending on what I need to do to the goat.

I have adapted and written out detailed plans/instructions for building this stand.

We cut an old "anti-fatigue" mat that I used to use in our kitchen, to provide a more comfortable, non-slip surface for the goats to stand on.

Milk Stand Plans

  • What these plans contain:
    • 6 detailed pages of step-by-step instructions
    • Large diagrams and photos.
  • You may download these plans for free, by clicking the button below.
  • NOTE: To view and/or print these instructions you must have the » Acrobat Reader.


It was a lot of work to put these detailed plans together.
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Still going strong after over 10 year of service...

The removable, easy to clean feeder hangs on the stand.

Adjustable head gate on our buck stand.

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