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This annotated album of the images in a folder has two parts:

  1. a thumbnail index
  2. a set of images with (in some cases) descriptions.

Index Pages

The thumbnail index appears first; it may consist of several pages. It contains thumbnail (miniature) versions of all the images in the album. (Below each thumbnail is the image filename.) If you click on a thumbnail or image filename, you will go to the album page with that image and (if available) its description.
The folder icon, , is used at the beginning of the index page to represent image subfolders (subdirectories) contained in the current folder (directory); the (sub)folder name will be given below the icon. Clicking on the folder icon or name will take you to the index for that (sub) folder.

Index Navigation

At the top of the index page is a title and (when the index consists of several pages) some navigation buttons at the left. Clicking on takes you to the next index page for the current folder, and clicking on takes you to the previous index page. When you are viewing an index page for a subfolder, clicking on takes you to the index for the higher-level folder that contains this subfolder.

Image Navigation

When you are viewing images in an album, the upper right corner of each page is used for navigation: takes you to the next image, takes you to the previous image, and takes you back to the index for this folder.


To print an album page, use Page Setup to select Landscape Orientation; you may also want to reduce the left and right margins, to prevent cropping of the image. Then select Print, and in the Print Frames part of the dialog box choose As laid out on screen. (This may not be supported by all browsers.)