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Goat & Other Pet/Livestock Related Links
Goat, Pet & Livestock Books: click here
Goat, Pet, Livestock, and Farm Supplies and Suppliers: click here

Goat Health & Husbandry:

Misc. Goat Information:

American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA)

Australian Miniture Goat Club - Features of our site include information on housing, breeding, feeding miniature goats, goat products, mini goats for sale by members, how to become a member, how to register your miniature goat, discussions, breed standards and links.

The Goat Kingdom- This site contains lots of goat info and links.

Khimaira Goat management, Industry news, ADGA information, calendar of events, goat milk soapmakers list, goat trivia, and more.

Breeders of Goats and Other Pets/Livestock:
Please note Fias Co Farm dose not necessarily personally endorse the following breeders

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Imani Farm - Farm is located about 20 miles north of Montgomery, Alabama. They breed and raise show-quality, registered Nubian dairy goats.

Lilliput Ranch - A family based hobby farm located in Vincent Alabama. We take pride in raising all of our animals with love and care and sell our Pygmy goats for pets only.

Northern Lights Farm - Assorted goats and poultry. Located in Walker County, Alabama


Good Goats - Mini Nubians in Southern CA


Aarey Pines - Located in the shadows of Pikes Peak in a small community of Black Forest Colorado, home to the black tufted eared squirrel. We raise Registered Toggenburgs, Nigerian Dwarf and Miniature Dairy Goats. We use the milk, make cheese, kefir, and soap.

Barnyard Buddies Fainting Goats - We raise and sell purebred fainting goats in Loveland, Colorado. Specializing in the miniature line, blue eyes, tri-color.

Pikes Peak Pygmies - Pygmy goats in Colorado Springs.


Double Durango Farm - Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  Located in Loganville GA.

Green Eggs N Goats Farm - In beautiful Valdosta, Georgia! We raise 100% registered purebred Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We have recently acquired a couple of beautiful Nubian doelings and a fabulous Nubian buckling. We are looking forward to producing excellent mini-Nubians in the future!


Bona Fide Dairy Goats - Nigerian Dwarves and LaManchas in Pleasant Ridge, KY.

East Kentucky Boer Goats - Fullblood Boer Goats. Located in Jackson, KY.

Whispering Dove Farm Boer Goats - Breeders of Fullblood Boer Goats. Located in Foster, Ky


Desert Star Ranch  - Located in Caldwell Idaho… 20 miles from the Oregon border and 45 minutes from Boise. We breed and raise show-quality, registered Nubians, Mini-Nubians, Fullblood Boers & Nigerian Dwarf Goats. CAE free Herd. Champion Bloodlines.

Quicksilver Farms - Nubian Dairy Goats in Buhl, ID


My Own Private Idaho Farm - Selectively breeding quality Nigerian Dwarfs the natural way. My goal is to raise healthy, beautiful, and friendly "little goats" that can fill the milk pail too.

Sandy Lane Dairy Goats - Located located two hours west of Chicago in Lee County.  LaManchas, Experimentals, Saanens and Oberhaslis.


Silly Goats Farm - Nigerian Dwarf Goats as well as Guineafowl to help keep the tick population down, and Alpacas. Milton Township, ME


Baumhaus - Angora Goats in Port Deposit, Maryland

Breezy Timber Nubians- Raising Nubian dairy goats since 1978. Located in Maryland.

Tiny Town Goats - Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats - breeding for health - conformation- udder conformation - and milk production. CAE prevention practiced at every feeding/milking! Some blue eyed genetics. Two resident ADGA Champion Does. Located in Maryland , about 15 mins west of Dover Delaware.


Aden Farms- Nigerians in Perryville MO

Gerber Hill Farms - Nigerians/Saanens. Located in Jefferson County, Missouri

New Jersey

Golden Sunrise Ranch in Mays Landing NJ. We raise Pygmy Goats and Lionhead & Holland Lop Rabbits.

Wrangleboro Farm - Located in Mays Landing, New Jersey. Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats

North Carolina:

Boercrossing - Boercrossing is nestled in the northwestern foothills of North Carolina. Here they are dedicated to the breeding of high quality, Boer Percentage Goats.

Lazy S Acres - We are a small family farm raising & selling some pet Pygmy/Nigerian dwarf goats a year, and Indian Runner ducks, also.


Indigo Run - Registered Oberhasli and Alpine Dairy Goats. Located in Moscow, Ohio


Dreamy Hollow - Quality Alpine and Nubian dairy goats for milk and show. Located in Norman, Oklahoma

Medicine Creek Boer Goats - Located in Beggs, OK . Raising quality show goats and pets.


Kid's Delight Oberhasli Goats - Located in Falls City, OR, 45 mins. from Salem.

Riyescott Ranch - LLamas, Angora goats and Shetland Sheep: growing fiber on the Southern Oregon Coast.


Lazy E Goats - A family owned operation specializing in Boer Goats, both full blooded and percentage. Located in Everett, PA

South Carolina:

Squaw Valley Miniatures- Sells a variety of top pedigree miniature animals.

South Dakota

RRH Arabians and Pintos: Home of "ASA BILLY THE KID" bay tobiano 7/8ths Arabian Pinto stallion. Beagle and Doxie puppies available on occasion.  Located 10 minutes North West of Dell Rapids, SD. 


Fias Co Farm- That's us!

Lots2LoveFarm - Loving life raising Goats, hens, dogs, and cats. Located in Crossville, TN. Where the air is clean and the view is amazing!


05 Livestock - Breeders of Boers. Located in Hondo, Texas.

C&H Livestock Co.- Breeders of Boers & % Boers. Located in Gause, Texas.

Fat Bottom Farm - Nubian dairy goats in Post Oak Savannah, eastern Milam County, Texas.

J & C Ranch - Located in San Marcos, Texas and is owned and operated by John & Cyndi Underwood. We raise fullblood and percentage Boer goats.

S&T Boer Farms- Fullblood and % Boer goats in Central Texas

Tejas Barbado Ranch- Texas Blackbelly Barbado Trophy Sheep, Painted Desert Sheep & Pygmy Goats

Texas Boer Goats - A list of Boer Goat breeders in Tx and a few other places a well.



Bells Goats - Steve and Sharla Bell. Breeding Myotonic Fainting goats and the new Mini Silkie Faiting goats. We do offer safe shipping. ALL inquires are WELCOMED!



Bonny Venture- Specializing in naturally raised produce (our main focus being berries & salad greens), eggs, and quality cashmere goats.

Wright’s Hill Farm- Fullblood and percentage Boer Goats in Virginia for sale as breeding and show stock. 


3 Eagles Ranch - Quality Boer Goats and Boer Crosses. Winlock, WA.

Chicory Springs Farm - Breeders of Nigerian Dwarf, Lamancha, Mini Lamancha, Mini Toggenburg dairy goats located in Chewelah, Washington.

Herron Hill - Goats in every size and color, from the pint-size Nigerian Dwarf - the tiny titans of the dairy world - to the full-size LaMancha, the only American breed of dairy goat. Located in the tiny town of Home, on Washington's relatively undiscovered Key Peninsula.

Seven Dwarfs Nigerians - Nigerian Dwarf Goats in Brush Prairie Washington

Soaring Hearts Farm - Mini Nubians and Edible Gardens in Snohomish, WA

West Virginia:

Lucas Farm - Homesteading in the Hills of West Virginia. Located in Huntington, WV, only 15 minutes from KY & OH. Straight Egyptians, AHA Arabians, ADGA Nubian Dairy Goats, MDGA Mini Nubians, IDGR Kinder Goats, AJCA Jersey Heifers, IDGR/NMGA Pygmy Goats and More!

Shanghai Shaggies - Fainting Goats. The Shanghai Shaggies herd also shares their home with two Tennessee Walking Horses, other conservation breeds such as Cochins, Brahmas, Australorp chickens, and Tamworth piglets.  Our goal on our small farmstead is to not only preserve rare breeds, but the land they live on.  Sustainable Agriculture, Salatin Methods, and free range is spoken here!


Fall Creek Farm - Nigerian Dwarf goats, Spanish Mastiff LGD's, Guinea Fowl and Peacocks in SW Wisconsin.

Green Gables MiniNubians - Located in beautiful west-central Wisconsin, Green Gables has been raising quality MiniNubians since 1999. We focus our breeding on high milk production, good conformation and breed character, lots of color and great personalities.




Miniature Goat Breeders Association of Australia - (MGBA) is the largest Miniature Goat Association in Australia. Proudly working with the Australian Miniature Goat Registry (AMGR), who operates nation wide, with the most up-to date records of Mini Goats available. Most of the founding breeders in Australia are members of the MGBA which allows top support and guidance for people interested in the Australian Miniature Goat for pets or breeding.

Christali Australian Miniature Goats - Located in the heart of the scenic rim of south-east Queensland, we breed friendly and gentle natured mini-goats for pets, companion animals or an eco-friendly alternative for small acreage. Situated at Tarome via Aratula about 100kms south west of Brisbane, Queensland.

Kyeamba Miniature Goat Stud- Quality breeder of Australian Miniature Goats, specializing in pet friendly mini cashmeres with gorgeous colored fluffy winter coats and matching temperaments. Member of the Australian Miniature Goat Association Inc, the Official Breed Association of the Australian Miniature Goat.

Knocknagulagh Boers- Breeders of Fullblood African Boer Goats with information on goat health and handling, mating, kidding, meat goats, how to estimate the age of goats, recipes and photos of our Boer Goats at Mudgee NSW Australia.


Orange Hill Farm Goat Dairy & Organic Farm - Orange Hill Nature Ranch is a former sugar estate in the heart of the Caribbean Island Tobago, nestled in the green hills above the capital, Scarborough, with panoramic view of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.



Goat Milk Soap:
If you would like your site listed here, we'd be happy to exchange links with you. Contact me to request a link.

Goat Milk Specialties - Handcrafted soaps, lotions, bath and body products, aged and fresh American Domestic and International Cheeses - all made from 100% goat milk.

Rose of Sharon Acres - We invite you to experience the difference that hand crafted goat milk products can make in the silkiness and cleanliness of your skin.

The Udder Goat Milk Soap - Goat Milk Soap, recipes



The Lavender Fleece Farm & Studio- is a small family farm that raises purebred registered Icelandic sheep and over 50 varieties of lavender, with which they produce many lavender based products.

The Mohair Connection- Lots of useful information. Health care, mohair products.

Molly's Herbals-  Molly's Herbals provides information on, and products for the natural, herbal and holistic care of people & pets as well as larger companion animals such as goats, horses, llamas, etc.

Zeke The Apso - Promoting the Physical and Spiritual Welfare of our beloved and fellow created beings.


Blue Heart Sanctuary- A no-kill, non-profit animal sanctuary located on 35 acres in Yancey County, North Carolina. We care for abused, abandoned, and neglected dogs, cats, goats, sheep, pot bellied pigs and horses. We strive to find an appropriate adoptive situation for those we are able and provide lifetime care to those with special needs.


Cheese & Dairy Links
Cheese Books: click here
Cheese & Dairy Supplies & Suppliers : click here

General Cheese & Dairy info:

A Campaign for Real Milk - An excellent site exposing the benefits of raw dairy products. Affiliated with the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Hometown Creamery Revival-   A project of Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Research    and Education (SARE) program of USDA, the Hometown Creamery Revival promotes on-farm processing as a means of making dairying a sustainable way of life for small farms.   Farmstead products are unique, offering the consumer interesting alternatives to standardized, factory-produced dairy foods.

Dom's Kefir in-site- Learn practically everything you could ever want to know about kefir and making kefir products. This site describes in detail, what kefir is, where it originated from and it's microflora. Instruction on making Kefir, other kefir probiotic beverages and products such as Kefir Cheese. Also have included is section on Kombucha, and home made vinegar.

Live Kefir grain database- Kefir community site developed to help you connect and find REAL live Kefir grains. A web site all about cheese.

Utterly Divine Dairy - Located near Dallas-Fort Worth Texas. Devoted to bringing you the best Grade A raw goat milk nature can provide.

Cheese recipes:

Fias Co Farm Recipe page

Food Artisan - Information about and resources for the major types of home crafted foods. There are recipes and how to's that will guide you through the process weather your a beginner or advanced food crafter. We strive to combine as much about the various artisan foods as we can into a single easy to use resource. Our database holds information about making cheese, making bread,making sausage, making wine and homebrewing beer. Our web site allows you to organize and store that information in ways that's easy for you.

Fankhauser's Cheese Page - Information for cheese makers which lists a series of cheese making projects starting with the simplest to the more challenging. Many recipes with step-by-step photos. - Quickly and easily learn the secrets of making Brie/Camembert and Blue Cheesemaking at home with the Brie/Camembert and Blue Cheesemaking Kit & eBook Guide.

Cheese & Dairy related Lists, WebRings and forums:

The Cheesemakers Web RingAn easy way to visit other cheesemaking sites.  If you have a site that has anything to do with cheesemaking, please join us!  Sponsored by Fias Co Farm. - Cheese Forum is the biggest reason for this website, although we have over 1000 Cheeses listed with information and pictures plus Articles, News, Gallery, Bits & Bites, and Links:

Cheesemakers Listing: click here


Other Assorted Links
Little Lotus Hearts
Provides services to people who have a deep love and respect for animals. At Little Lotus Hearts we offer people with healthy animals, ways to enrich their lives, people with ailing animals, options to try to improve the quality of their lives and people with deceased animal companions, ways to honor and give back something to the animal companions that gave so much to them.
Melody Hunter
Pet Loss Counseling, Humane Education, Animal Actisit
Pet Loss Support Page
Anyone who considers a pet a beloved friend, companion, or family member knows the intense pain that accompanies the loss of that friend. This site provides many avenues of support for coping with that grief.
Animal Protection Institute
Founded in 1968, API's mission is to advocate for the protection of animals from cruelty and exploitation.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is an international nonprofit organization based in Norfolk, VA. Founded in 1980, PETA operates under the simple principle that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment. PETA educates policymakers and the public about animal abuse and promotes an understanding of the right of all animals to be treated with respect.
Founded in 1999 and initially dedicated to making vegan cat and dog food more readily available, they now also offer a complete line of treats, supplements and toys, as well as many earth- and animal-friendly accessories. is dedicated to the principle that the lives of ALL animals have inherent value.
Shirleys Wellness Cafe's
Holistic Health for People and Animals
Oriented to self care, this free educational web site is dedicated to help promote natural health for humans and their animals.

T'n'T Custom Embroidery
Embroidery for all your promotional and staffing needs

Diabetes in Dogs and Cats:

Feline Diabetes
An introductory guide to the treatment of diabetes in cats.
Canine Diabetes
Information for owners of Canine's with Diabetes Mellitus
Pets with
Information for both cat and dog diabetics.
Pets With
Providing Educational Information, Internet Resources, Personal Experiences, and Support for Owners of Diabetic Pets
Does Your Vet Know What He/She is Talking About? - A compilation of things that vets have told Diabetic Cat owners. The goal of this page is to prevent the pain and suffering cats (and their owners) often suffer at the hands of vets who don't know enough about feline diabetes to be giving advice to their patients. If you have a cat with diabetes, you really should read this page, it is very enlightening. - Helping people help pets. To better the lives of sick, injured and abused companion animals. Dedicated to insure that no companion animal has to be euthanized simply because their caretaker is financially challenged.
Hocks.Com On-Line Pharmacy - Carries diabetic supplies which are discounted considerably from regular retail pricing. This is where I get all my supplies.

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