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Formula #1  Herbal Wormwood Combo
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Product Description:

Formula #1 Herbal Wormwood Combination Dietary Supplement - For ALL ANIMALS

Formulated to be used in conjunction with
Formula #2: Weekly Worm Formula & Tonic

Click here for more detailed information on herbal wormers and the use of this formula.

My Worm Formulas meet the National Organic Standards for use for animals.
The NOFA-NY Certified Organic LLC has determined that both my Worm Formulas meet the National Organic Standards for use for animal health. My formulas have passed certificaion in CA (CCOF)..
My formulas have also been approved for organic use in Canada by the Canadian Organic Regime (COR).

One Pound Bag
Packaged by weight not volume; One pound contains approximately 75 Tablespoons.

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Muggy Sue Farms (Arthur City, TX) - April 27th 2017
After treating a couple of goats last year with the Herbal Wormer Combo and having great results, I decided to use the product exclusively on all my new kids this kidding season. I have followed the protocol suggested for both worms and coccidiosis. My oldest kids are almost two months and have shown ZERO signs of any parasite! Their Famacha scores are F1 and their body/coat condition is excellent. I use a drench gun, after mixing the herbs with water, and slowly give to each kid. They seem to enjoy the taste and actually stand pretty still and quiet to have their "treat". Additionally, I have had two kids present with loose stool. I have immediately administered doses of Formula #1 and in both cases, the stool was normal within hours. I did have to give a second dose a couple of days later to my bottle baby, but since then, he has started the regular treatments, and no scours since! This is a wonderful product and I am confident that the kids I am starting out with these formulas will continue to be parasite free.