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Formula #1  Herbal Wormwood Combo
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Product Description:

Formula #1 Herbal Wormwood Combination Dietary Supplement - For ALL ANIMALS

Formulated to be used in conjunction with
Formula #2: Weekly Worm Formula & Tonic

Click here for more detailed information on herbal wormers and the use of this formula.

My Worm Formulas meet the National Organic Standards for use for animals.
The NOFA-NY Certified Organic LLC has determined that both my Worm Formulas meet the National Organic Standards for use for animal health. My formulas have passed certificaion in CA (CCOF)..
My formulas have also been approved for organic use in Canada by the Canadian Organic Regime (COR).

One Pound Bag
Packaged by weight not volume; One pound contains approximately 75 Tablespoons.

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Extremely Pleased
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Susan (Wake Forest, NC) - June 2nd 2016
One of our doelings presented with acute, very severe diarrhea. We've had an extremely wet spring and this coupled with our neighbor's storm drain flooding onto our property made me immediately suspect cocci.

We mixed the wormwood formula per the cocci instructions on Fiasco's website and on the morning of the third day, this doeling's diarrhea had completely stopped. On the first day of treatment her appetite had decreased, but she's now eating with gusto.

I am more than pleased and am extremely thankful. An interesting note to me is that while I was visiting Mexico, I picked up Giardia and did receive conventional treatment for this that did not work. It came back every 3-4 weeks, because of the cyst life cycle. I bought a liquid herbal formula that tasted horrid, but to my shock - it worked. I quick check and I see that it also had wormwood and black walnut, just like Molly's. I love it when an herbal formula not only works, but is more effective than conventional treatment.