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Herbal Worm Formulas BULK / Flat Rate Shipping
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Product Description:

Buy 10 pounds (any combo of our 2 formulas) and save $5!
PLUS get Flat Rate shipping of only $18.60

I cannot offer Flat Rate shipping on all of my products, but have figured out how I can offer it an a few of my items.

Choose a combination of our two Worm Formulas to equal 10 pounds:

When used as recommend, this system CAN be safely used on pregnant and lactating animals.

Click here for more detailed information on herbal wormers and the use of these formulas.

My Worm Formulas meet the National Organic Standards for use for animals.
The NOFA-NY Certified Organic LLC has determined that both my Worm Formulas meet the National Organic Standards for use for animal health. My formulas have passed certificaion in CA (CCOF)..
My formulas have also been approved for organic use in Canada by the Canadian Organic Regime (COR).


Packaged by weight not volume.  One pound contain ~75 Tbls.

Discounted price: $13.45 per lb. - You Save: $0.50 per lb. 

Cost for 10 pounds: $134.50
Plus USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping cost: $18.90

This special shipping offer is for purchasing 10 POUNDS of WORM FORMULA only, you should NOT put any other items in your cart or you will end up paying much more to ship your order then you need to.

US orders only- This offer does not apply to shipping outside of the US.
This offer does not apply to orders from Canada


More Detail

Great fecal readings and great for the soil
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Oddidom (NM) - December 9th 2011
We've been using Molly's Herbal Wormer for our goats, dogs and horse for about three years. We have fecals checked by our vet tech friend every few months and she always reports that there are few to zero eggs in the samples.

I mix the wormer in the goats' food [they are hand fed daily a mix of pumpkin/carrots/apple/greens] and every bit is eaten up. The wormer is administered to the dogs in their food and not only do they eat it readily but seem to like it as well!

We started using Molly's Herbal Wormer not only for the health benefits to our animals but because we compost all the manure from our farm for use in our gardens and for mulch. Chemical wormers kill not only internal parasites but also the beneficial organisms vital to healthy soil. Every time a friend tells me they are getting manure for their gardens from a local horse owning source, I tell them they better check that the horse owner is not using chemical wormers and advise them to contact Molly for an herbal wormer instead.