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WORM FORMULA #1 one pound packages are OUT OF STOCK
I hope to have more F#1 back on stock in 2 weeks.  I DO have the 1/2 pound packages used for kits.  If you need F#1 right away, please order kits.
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aka "A&J" - Powdered Herbal Dietary Supplement
I developed this formula because I wanted something safe that could be used during pregnancy (many herbal Arthritis & Joint Support mixes now available for animals contain herbs that really should not be used on a continuing basis such as Yucca or during pregnancy such Devils Claw).

The combination of herbs in this formula along with the Glucosamine are traditionally used to:

  • Assist with arthritis, hip dysplasia, knee dysplasia, elbow dislocation and other joint problems in goats, horses, dogs, cats and other animals.
  • Aid in helping to prevent joint damage, rebuild worn joint tissue, and slow further degeneration.
  • Used as a long-term maintenance program for active animals
  • Supplement and stimulate the body's natural building blocks for healthy joints.
  • Aid in increasing the body's circulation to joints.
  • Aid in enhance the body's absorption of nutrients by the digestive system. As an anti-inflammatory

Contains: Glucosamine, MSM, Nettle, Ginkgo, Alfalfa, White Willow, Stevia
One pound bag- Packaged by weight not volume. 

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Older doe
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Christina (Vancouver WA) - July 13th 2016
My daughter shows goats with 4H. Her older doe is her favorite and she uses her for showmanship as well as breed. She has won Grand and Reserve Champion with her goat, more than once. Zoria is a 7 year old Alpine doe, as with any larger goat, she has some aches in her feet and legs and her hips also. This joint support formula has helped so much! We use it in conjunction with the dietary supplement and Zoria is feeling noticeably better and has more energy. Her coat is shiny and her eyes are bright. My daughter is devoted to this goat, so it is a no brainer to provide her these supplements and take the best care of her possible.
16 year old german shepherd
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Charlotte Jones (OH) - March 9th 2012
This is amazing i have tried everything for his arthritis this is the only product that makes him a pup again.Thank You