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Slippery Elm One Pound
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Slippery Elm Bark Powder

NOFA-NY Certified Organic LLC has approved this Slippery Elm Bark powder for certified organic use by the farms they certify.  

Used to make Herbal Dosage Balls; this is what binds and holds the balls together. It also has a pleasant pecan-like sweet taste which makes the balls more enticing. Safe for use in all animals. Safe to use during pregnancy and lactation.
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Be aware that this is a natural, wildcrafted product: the powdered inner bark of wild growing Slippery Elm trees, and there may be slight variations in texture between each "batch" of bark you receive.

One Pound Bag packaged by weight not volume.

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Bonnelea (Tennessee) - April 19th 2011
I have purchased this herb from other places but I have never been able to find one of the same quality as I get from Molly's. I always need to purchase a larger amount since I have 20 goats to tend and they go through this herb quickly.

I'm very glad to have found Molly's Herbals, and that Molly's sells Slippery Elm in this one pound quantity.