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I sure do love my MINI Cooper!

"Alfie" is an Electric Blue 2005 MINI Cooper S with plenty of mods.

In the galleries below I share some of our adventures together.

Click on the links below to view each album.

A tour of my car, inside and out.


MINI Takes The States
Aug 18 - Sept 4, 2006
From Aug18th - Sept 4th, 2006, thousands of MINIs Traveled together from coast to coast. They started in Monterey, CA and ended in Jersey City, NJ. I participated in 1/2 of leg 11# (Indianapolis, IN to Charleston, WV) and 1/2 of leg 12# (from Charleston to Charlottesville) of this MINI TransAmerican Mototastic Road Trip Road Trip to End All Road Trips Rally.

MINIs Great Lakes Crossing
Sept 28 - Oct 2, 2006
I join the Michigan MINI Motoring Club in a one of a kind event across and around Lake Michigan.

The Dragon Tales - multiple albums
Highway 129, in Eastern TN, known as "The Dragon " (aka. The Tail of the Dragon) .  It is America’s #1 motorcycle and sports car road, with 318 curves in 11 miles and no cross roads to worry about. Here are multiple albums of photo journals and the some trips I have made to "The Hill". I hope they can give an you at least a fraction of an idea of the fun of driving this road and the adventure in getting there.


MINI On The Dragon 2007

also see: MOTD '07 Portraits



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