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Home dairying and cheesemaking
Cheesemakers Listing


This is a listing of cheesemakers who make and sell farmstead and artisan cheeses.

(If you are a cheesemaker, and would like to be added to this list, please contact me.)

Achadinha Cheese Company
Donna Pacheco, cheesemaker
Jim Pacheco & Donna Pacheco, Pacheco Dairy
750 Chilleno Valley Road
Petaluma, Ca. 94952

707-763-1025, office phone

Achadinha Cheese Company was formed in 2004 by Jim and Donna Pacheco of Pacheco Family Dairy in Petaluma, California and Diana Livingston, award-winning cheese maker and founder of Capricious Cheese in Eureka, California. Together they produce two cheeses with Pacheco Family Dairy Goat milk- Broncha and Capricious.

Appleton Creamery
Goat Cheeses
Caitlin & Brad Hunter
780 Gurney Town Road
Appleton, Maine  04862

Appleton Creamery is a small scale family farm located in scenic midcoast Maine. Brad, Caitlin and daughter Fiona Hunter raise registered Alpine dairy goats, and make several varieties of fresh and aged cheese from their milk. They market their cheeses through local stores, restaurants, farmers markets and mail order.

Coonridge Organic Goat Cheese
47 Coonridge Dairy
Pie Town, NM 87827


Coonridge Organic Goat Cheese makes certified organic gourmet goat cheese in a remote area of western New Mexico. It's soft, spreadable goat cheese packed in glass jars and preserved in oil. It's available in a wide variety of herbal flavors.

Cornish Country Larder Ltd
Chris Gaylard
The Creamery, Trevarrian
Newquay, Cornwall, England

Cornish speciality cheesemakers making organic, vegetarian, goats milk and cows milk cheeses

Natchez, MS

DrCheese is an independent goat dairy which produces fine goat cheeses of many types. DrCheese is owned and operated by Dr. Marshal Hawkins, DDS, and Dr. Lynn Palmer, MD, who make their cheeses with fully pasteurized goats' milk, for the utmost in quality cheese.

Elk Creek Cheese Company
2660 Applegate Rd. Applegate, MI 48401


ECCC is owned by a group of goat dairies that milk their goats and then has cheese made for them by several local cheese companies. They then market the resulting cheeses. All of their product are made with 100% Grade A Goat's Milk.
The products they have available are as follows:
Brie - Available in Kilo or 1/2# wheels
Herbed Brie - Available in Kilo or 1/2# wheels
Cheddar - Available from 1/2# to 40#'s - White or Yellow
Tomme de Caprine - Available from 1/2# to 10#'s
Ceylon Bleu - Available from 1/2# to 10#'s (beginning 2/1/00)

Garden Lore
Lore Lipkvich, cheesemaker
Mariaville, ME

Located in Downeast Maine on the banks of Tannery Brook, Garden Lore is a small family goat dairy and licensed cheese making business. We have a small herd of Oberhasli and Nubian goats we have had for 5 years. This business developed from a need to make a 4-H project pay for itself as our herd of 3 grew to 15 within 3 years! We make ricotta, chevre - flavored and plain, and feta, ice cream, yogurt. Our cheeses are sold at farmer's markets, local stores and of course right on our farm.

Gertrud at NorthLea
Sheep Dairy

Gertrud/Bill McMaster
2025 Settlers Line
Indian River, Ont Canada K0L 2B0

phone/fax 705 295 4231

The milk from their sheep is processed by the Canadian Sheep and Milk Producers Inc. in their small, on farm cheeseplant in Ontario. They also purchase milk from other producers. Most of their cheeses follow old traditional Italian recipes and include Pecorino Toscano, Ricotta, Romana and a feta. Cheeses are available at the farm, the local Peterborough Farmers Market, via the internet and in several stores in Canada.

Goatington Farm
Colorado Goat Cheese

(719) 648-1919}

Choose from fresh farmer's cheeses made with the best, all natural ingredients such as Sun Dried Tomato Basil, Roasted Red Pepper, Fresh herbs and garlic, or plain. Also available, Chevre spread, plain or flavored with fresh herbs. Tangy feta cheese, plain or flavored, and creamy, buttery brie..

Goat Head Ranch
Manzanola, CO


  • We offer a variety of aged cheeses made with raw goat milk.
  • We manufacture a line of manual and hydraulic Dutch cheese presses.
  • We offer products made with goat milk, such as chocolates and a variety of gift baskets.
  • We have limited shares of a goat share program available for sale.

Jackrabbit Ranch, Inc.
D. J. Mitchell & Sue Ellen Hockey

PO Box 600083
Paragonah, UT 84760
(435) 590-0692

Jackrabbit Ranch raises Alpine and Oberhasli goats, and makes a variety of soft and hard cheeses from their own goat milk and from cow milk produced by another local dairy. We sell our cheeses at farmer's markets and other events, in local stores, and through our website. We're not very big, but we welcome visitors - our goats ;love the attention!

LeRaysville Cheese Factory
James Amory, Manager
RR2 Box 71A
LeRaysville, PA. 18829

(570) 744-2554
after five: (570) 744-2484

The LeRaysville Cheese Factory has been producing quality cheeses since 1977. They specialize in sharp cheddars, cheese curds, jack, smoked and flavored varieties, havarti-style cheeses and more. They produce 1400 pounds of cheese a week. They have won numerous awards: 2nd best in the country at the National Competition of the American Cheese Society for "Udder Delight," a havarti, or Danish cheese described as having a mozzarella and Swiss flavor; 1st place for their pepper cheddar and 2nd for their Pennsylvania Jack in 1995.
20 lb. min. commercial orders. US orders only.

Little Rainbow
Tom & Barbara Reed
15 Doe Hill Rd
Hillsdale, NY  12529

(518) 325-GOAT (325-4628)

Little Rainbow Chevre has been in business for 20 years and makes some of the finest domestic goat cheeses in the US.

Love Tree
Farmstead Cheese

Mary & Dave Falk
12413 City Rd Z
Grantsburg, WI  54840

(715) 488-966
FAX: (715) 488-3957

Love Tree Farmstead Cheese is a licensed WI farmstead cheeseplant. They specialize in artisan sheep milk cheeses that reflect the flavor and character of the Northwoods of Wisconsin. They have also recently added Jersey cow milk cheese to the LoveTree Lineup!

"Maid" in The Shade
Fresh Goat Milk Cheese and Cheesecakes

Red & Debbie Ferrell
11818 FM 847
Dublin, Texas 76446

"Maid" in The Shade is a small family farm in the Hill Country of Texas. They produce chevre, plain and seasoned, as well as a non-traditional low salt feta, mozzarella, and ricotta.
They market their cheese through on farm sales, retail outlets, farmer's markets, and mail order.

Northern Prairie Chevre LLC
1247 310th Street
Woodward Iowa 50276


Northern Prairie Chevre produces fine quality artisan crafted cheeses. Their cheeses are hand made from the milk of Nubian goats, raised here on thier farm under the herd name, Nubian Bubbies. They currently offer Chevre in a variety of flavors, as well as French Style Feta, Caprine Farmhouse, Marinated Caprine Farmhouse, and Queso Blanco. They also provide other delightful accompaniments such as hot fudge sauce

Palatine Valley Dairy
Carol or Earl Spencer
688 East Main St.
Nelliston, NY 13410


Specializingin 30 flavors of cheddar cheese.

Tall Cedars Farm
1547 Drinking Swamp Road
P.O. Box 40
Haynesville, Va 22472


Virginia's "Definitive" Artisan Goat Cheesemakers with over 150 varieties of aged and fresh cheeses. FDA and Virginia Dept. of Ag. inspected and approved. Now shipping worldwide

Townhouse Farm
Richard and Sherry Chattick
35 Townhouse Rd
Whitefield Maine 04353


They produce raw milk aged gouda and cheddar along with spread cheeses and cottage cheese as well as all natural old fashion ice cream. Their registered brown swiss cows that are grass and ground corn fed only they are fed no mixed grains .


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